In the final Year 6 assembly of last half term, a few pupils were awarded prizes following the overnight Bushcraft trip earlier that week.

Jasmine gained a certificate for overcoming her biggest fear – spiders – during the overnight stay in the woods and Fred was singled out by the Bushcraft team for being the most well mannered and helpful pupil they had encountered. He volunteered to wash up after every meal and was generally helpful to the Bushcraft staff.

During the trip pupils were split into teams which were called tribes. Tribes competed to make the best shelter; Capucine’s team designed a shelter with a beautiful garden, another team designed a musical exterior with cricket pitch and the third team had a long jump and a stage. The ideas behind each shelter were truly original. The judges debated long and hard and awarded a prize on our return to the shelter Capucine and her team had designed.

Part of the evening entertainment was a ‘Tribes Got Talent’ contest, with all the tribes (and the teachers) participating. One of the teams performed a comedy in which they impersonated teachers at Emanuel where Malory played Mrs Chetwood. It was such a convincing performance that her team had to win!

Congratulations to all of the Year 6 pupils, who all individually deserve a prize for making it a successful and happy trip away.

Miss Chetwood (Head of Year 6)

Capucine, Malory and Miss Chetwood

Jasmine, Fred and Miss McCloud