62 Year 9 students – half of the overall cohort of Latin students – embarked on a trip to Bath on Wednesday 8th December. They had heard great things from the first half of the year group who went on their trip back in November, and excitement reached fever-pitch on the coach journey there.

We were greeted on arrival by Father Christmas and a group of carollers, as students explored the Christmas market and purchased a range of memorable souvenirs.

Students then visited the Baths themselves. Below, Manasseh (Year 9) gives his account of events:

‘On the 8th of December, Year 9 Latinists went on an inspiring trip to visit the Roman Baths and explore the whole city. After a short journey on our luxury coach, we were able to have a bit of free time in Bath’s shops before we entered the baths. The place was more beautiful that I could have ever imagined – we got to see the underfloor heating of the Baths, the caldarium, tepidarium, frigidarium and the main attraction: the Great Baths.

It was inspiring to be able to see the whole place in the flesh: it all engulfed me in its beauty and elegance. After a good-sized break for lunch and to ride the merry-go-round, we had a tour of the area spearheaded by the legendary Mr Adams, where we saw Bath’s greatest attractions. There was Pulteney Bridge, one of only five bridges in the world to have shops on both sides. There were the Assembly Halls and the Fashion Museum, and finally the Royal Crescent. After that, a calm journey on the coach back to school where we bid our driver a festive farewell before leaving for home.

A special thanks to all teachers who were on hand for us and gave up their Wednesday to see the Roman Baths with us.


Manasseh (Year 9)