Facilitated by Emanuel parent, James Kelly, whose daughter Zara is in Year 6, Bangkok based Hi-Tech Apparel Co. LTD and Hong Kong’s ComfortShield Group have partnered on an important joint-PPE charity project with Emanuel School.

This initiative was created in order to donate fabric face coverings directly to those most in need. Hi-Tech Apparel, a large garment supplier to Nike, Inc., allocated a percentage of their fabric solutions to specially design, cut and sew fabric face coverings for global distribution to specific charities. Thousands of masks were sent to the E.U. and North America including 50,000 to the UK for donation.

Helping those in most need and working to slow the spread of Covid-19 is our key focus.

James Kelly, Group Director 

With James Kelly’s support, Emanuel was able to provide 4,000 much needed masks to our community partners including Spires, Sands End Adventure Playground, Katherine Low Settlement, Regenerate Rise and the Smile Brigade. And more are on the way!