A huge thank you from Westminster City for supporting their pupils without computers during lockdown

When the UK Government announced schools would close to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in March, Westminster City School (WCS), a member of the United Westminster and Grey Coat Foundation,  set out to continue to provide an excellent educational experience to their young people, while ensuring their health and wellbeing, during this unprecedented time.

As part of their remote learning plans, staff identified a number of pupils with no or limited access to computers at home. Thanks to the support of their Governors and other donors plus 39 repurposed laptops provided by Emanuel School, these pupils have received computers that have enabled them to keep up with their studies under lockdown.

Year 9 pupil Cyril, pictured with his computer, explains: “This computer, sent to me from Westminster City School, has helped me a lot during lockdown. I have been able to do work set by teachers, as well as research subjects that I may not be as confident about. What I miss most about being away from Westminster City School are the teachers and my friends”. Having access to a computer has enabled Cyril and his fellow students to have this interaction, albeit remotely, during lockdown.

Another Year 9 pupil, Isaiah, who received a computer, said: “The computer has enabled me to keep up with all of my school work and to continue with my studies during lockdown.  As well as this, it has allowed me to carry on developing my interests in cyber security.” A keen member of WCS’s after-school Cybernauts Coding Club, Isaiah has also been meeting weekly with other club members and their teacher remotely during lockdown.

Westminster City School are grateful to Emanuel School for supporting their pupils by providing computers during lockdown.

Lisa Irwin (Deputy Development & Community Partnerships Director)