A huge congratulations to 8LCC who triumphed in the lower school literary quiz this week.

After 18 matches and 900 questions they were well-deserved winners. However, 8HEB came on strong today and the Hill Form team were fabulous all week. 7RDC in particular excelled from Year 7 and will be the team to beat next year.

In the four years I have run this event, this has to rank as my favourite and most successful, with the most enthusiastic pupils and an incredibly competitive competition. So many forms had multiple reserves and the audience was, on some occasions, huge. It was terrific and a great example of how a non-sport competition can be really successful outside of the house system.

In the champions photo of 8LCC, check out how Miss MacMillan has created a surreal ‘shimmer’ around the prestigious Neale Shield…..

Friday results

1st 8HEB 26 5

2nd 8LCC 15 3

3rd 7RDC 3 2

4th 7MSH 0 0

Overall scores


1st 8LCC 93 16

2nd 8HEB 78 14

3rd 7RDC 62 14

4th 6ERM 49 7

5th 7MSH 24 4

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian)