On Tuesday 5th February, the Classics department took 55 students to the famous Roman city of Bath.

Following a luxurious coach journey to the city, we had some free time to wander around the historic centre. The weather was great and, for once, it didn’t rain – I had brought my umbrella just in case! We then visited the Roman Baths themselves – knowledge of their layout and function is a prerequisite of both the year 9 Latin and Classical Civilisation courses (as well as later on at GCSE level).

Ms Hoult had kindly provided an exciting workbook for all to fill in as they completed their tour round the hot spring, past the curse tablets and on to the Great Bath and the plunge pool. We even met a few ‘Romans’ on the way. Lunch followed and then a short tour of the modern day sites including Pulteney Bridge, the Abbey and Thermae Bath Spa.

A great time was had by all and the students’ behaviour was exemplary – they were a credit to Emanuel. My profuse thanks to Ms Hoult who led the trip and to Mr Ford and Mr Fazaluddin who accompanied us and were great company.

Mr Adams (Head of Classics)