The Physics Department is proud to announce that for the second time, an Emanuel School team has made it through two rounds of the AstroPi competition and now have the opportunity to run an experiment on the International Space Station. 

Alberto Astolfi, Indigo Beauchamp, James Giannopoulos, Rosalind Thwaites, Bella Tuck and Shahaan Bajwa have worked on the project throughout the year with the help of Dr Dancy, both at school and online in lockdown, with several sessions during February half term.  They devised the experiment and wrote a computer programme to run it on a Raspberry Pi computer on the space station to win this fabulous opportunity.

The experiment will use accelerometers, a thermometer, and a humidity gauge to determine whether an astronaut is present in that section of the station, and to what extent astronaut movements can be detected.

Results should be beamed back to Earth within the next couple of weeks. The team will then analyse their findings and write a report to see if they can win the Europe-wide competition!

Huge congratulations to everyone involved.

Dr Parsons (Head of Physics)