The CERN trip was a truly unforgettable experience.

During our stay, we went to the S’cool lab and built cloud chambers, which allowed us to see particles interacting with the vapour inside the chamber, and then experimented with x-rays, observing the inner components of different items, such as phones, suitcases, or earphones. Our tour of CERN took us to see the antimatter factory and ELENA, an antiproton decelerator. I was fascinated to learn the physics and history behind it all, and can definitely say the trip has really spiked my interest in nuclear and particle physics.

Besides CERN, we also visited the UN and spent some time touring the city of Geneva. One thing I particularly liked was the Jet d’eau, as I was really intrigued by its mechanics, mainly the height and speed at which the water travelled. It was an amazing trip, filled with lots of learning opportunities, which I definitely benefited from, as well as activities such as bowling and escape rooms, which, all in all, made it one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.

Emilia Zabrzanska (Lower Sixth)