On Sunday 9th February, we took part in the annual Weizmann Safe Cracking Competition held at Dulwich College.

In the previous five months, our team composed of Lower Sixth students Geoffrey Zimmerman, Alberto Astolfi, James Campbell, Niccolo D’Agostino and Emilia Zabrzanska built a safe that would be cracked only by thorough knowledge of the principles of electricity, namely Ohm’s law, resistance and circuit knowledge.

We thoroughly enjoyed the competition (except for the fact that it started at 8.45am) and had great fun at cracking other people’s safes and successfully defending our own one. In the middle of the day the individual judges met with our group to question us on the principles behind our safe. Overall, while we didn’t leave with tickets to Israel, we came a solid sixth place out of 12 teams.

Nicollo D’Agostino (Lower Sixth)