Psephologists everywhere have been desperate to hear the results of the Emanuel School Election 2019 – and here they are!

A total of 638 votes were cast: a respectable overall turnout of about 64%, although with huge variations between the constituencies/ forms. The overall results are as follows:

  • Liberal Democracts: 344 (53.9%)
  • Conservatives: 82 (12.9%)
  • Green Party: 78 (12.2%)
  • Labour: 73 (11.4%)
  • SNP: 33 (5.2%)
  • Brexit: 28 (4.4%)

However, this overwhelming Liberal Democrat victory disguised some amazing outcomes in particular forms/constituencies, particularly where turnout and/or constituency size was low.

The Brexit party has a surprising stronghold in 13RCB.  The numerous tiny marginal Sixth Form constituencies were often won by a single vote, and often on very low turnouts – in some places just one vote made a huge difference to the outcome under First Past The Post.  The Greens have a stronghold in 13HHM and in 12JJH.  The Liberal Democrats won every single seat in Years 7, 8 and 9.

The ‘Adult’ constituency was the largest, with 82 voting. The seat was won by the Liberal Democrats, with 36 votes, followed by Labour with 22 votes and the Green Party with 13.

There were a total of 62 forms/constituencies and the First Past The Post electoral system produced a result quite unlike the overall results.

Seats won under First Past The Post

  • Liberal Demoracts: 46 (approximately 74% of available seats)
  • Green Party: 4 (6.5%)
  • Labour: 4 (6.5%)
  • Brexit: 3 (4.8%)
  • SNP: 1 (1.6%)
  • Conservatives: 1 (1.6%)

Form awards

The awards for the greatest number of voters in each form (turnout) were as follows:

  • Year 6: 6CAL
  • Year 7: 7CY
  • Year 8: 8AFK (with 23/23 pupils voting; honourable mention to 8MSH with 22/23)
  • Year 9: 9AJL
  • Year 10: 10CDK
  • Year 11: tie between 11BJR and 11REM
  • Lower Sixth: 12JJH
  • Upper Sixth: 13HMM

There is no actual prize, but all the pupils can feel a warm glow from doing their civic duty so well.

Well done to all those who have taken part in the election debates, who have attended the talks, who have canvassed hard, and who took part by voting. Let us hope that there won’t have to be another one for some considerable time!

Mr Keddie (Teacher of History and Politics)