On Thursday 26th September, Year 11 Economics pupils went on an exciting tour of the City of London, visiting and learning information about some key economic sites, including the London stock exchange group, Goldsmith’s Hall, Lloyds of London and Bloomberg.

On the tour we also managed to see some iconic London landmarks and their relevance to the financial sector and the history of the city. We enjoyed building our understanding about how London’s financial markets evolved over time from brokers in coffee shops trading shares after being thrown out of the Royal Exchange to the formation of the London Stock Market and the role that London now plays in global financial and insurance markets.

As Year 11 pupils studying Economics for GCSE, we found the talk on monetary policy highly beneficial. The videos were very fun and informative as they consolidated topics we have been learning in class. We discovered many interesting facts about the Bank of England and monetary policy, such as the security of the vaults below the bank as a gold depository for many nations and that only one person has ever broken into the vaults at the Bank of England (but didn’t steal anything!). I immensely enjoyed listening to the personal experience of somebody applying her economics knowledge working for the Bank of England.

Phoebe Packman and Georgie Clarke (Year 11)