On Thursday 17th January, Emanuel’s strongest team ever travelled to King’s Wimbledon for the first knock out round match of the Hans Woyda Mathematics Competition.

The opposition got off to a blistering start, dropping just one mark in the first round and scoring full marks in the geometry section. Unfortunately, despite some remarkable moments of intuitive brilliance, we were unable to recover from this early deficit. Final score: Emanuel 38 King’s Wimbledon 48

Since it is the last game of the season, I would like to pay tribute to the team, starting with Lucy who in her short ‘career’ has handled the pressure with remarkable ease, and displayed the sort of raw talent that one rarely sees. Anna, a seasoned campaigner, is also a rare talent who has shown great commitment to the cause. Whilst speaking to the King’s team, I discovered that of the 300 mathematicians in their sixth form, the top mark of any student in the recent BMO1 test was 28. The fact that Siddiq (lower sixth) scored 21, and Joe (lower sixth) scored 26, should not only give them great confidence as they weigh up their options for the future, but it also means that that we will go into next year’s competition full of hope.

Finally, I would like to thank squad members Atitiya, Sam, Luke, Billy and Thomas who have all played their part in Emanuel’s most successful Hans Woyda Competition.

Mr Leadbetter (Teacher of Maths)