The empire of the Classics Department expands – Greek is now on offer!

Latin has proven to be extremely popular with Year 8 pupils; over 80% of the year group chose to continue with the language for 2020-21. Given this record demand, Ancient Greek is now available as an extra challenge for budding Hellenists.

Emanuel has been chosen as a pilot school for the Classical Association Greek certificate. Current pupils in Years 8 and 9 who have expressed an interest in learning Greek could be the among the first people in the country to take the certificate in summer 2022.

One scholarly Year 8 group has started work during Friday lunchtimes with Mr Morrison. Another group of Year 9s is studying with docta magistra Ms Hoult. The industrious classicist Kit Rucker comments:

I started learning Greek in the middle of the second lockdown and I am really enjoying it. I relish the challenge of learning a new alphabet and like Latin (which I also enjoy greatly), learn about tenses and cases. Now that we are back at school we have started doing some lessons on Greek which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Kit and other Year 8 students are already making excellent progress, commendably completing work of their own accord outside of the normal timetable. πάθει μάθος!

The department looks forward to what the future holds for Greek at Emanuel.

Mr Morrison (Teacher of Classics)