Emanuel pupils aged 12 to 18 are invited to apply for new work experience opportunities through InvestIN.

InvestIN is a London-based organisation led by a group of experienced professionals from some of the world’s most competitive careers. They exist to provide students with an immersive experience of their dream career before they start university, so they can get a head-start over their competition. This term they are launching some exciting new initiatives, including experience in eight brand new industries; nine online internships during half-term and ten flagship summer internships. Find out more from InvestIN here.

Emanuel pupils can use a 10% discount towards these courses (discount code available here). A limited number of bursaries are available, so early applications are essential.

Have a look at some great feedback from Emanuel pupils who have been on InvestIN courses below.

“It was an InvestIn taster day called “The Young Doctor Programme” and I went in March.  It was really useful and informative giving lots of information on personal statements, UCAT and different types of courses at different universities. They also talked about life as a doctor in the NHS including a Q&A with a range of doctors and also current medical students. We also did a suturing on a banana which was fun!  I would really recommend it for people interested in studying medicine and go with a friend to get a 10% discount cause it is quite expensive.” (Katy, Upper Sixth)

I have indeed been to the Young Lawyers Programme held by InvestIN. It provided an excellent insight into the role of a lawyer and the different types of lawyers out there. I would certainly recommend it!” (Will, Lower Sixth)

“Last year I went to the InvestIn Young Journalist Programme at UCL in December, and although it didn’t sway me towards journalism I thought it was a very good course. It was a day of lectures where journalists from different fields of the industry came in to speak to us and we got to ask them any questions we wished throughout the day. We also did activities to see what the nature of journalism would actually be like and shared our experiences with other students if we wished. Overall, I found it very useful and interesting, so I would recommend InvestIn programmes to other pupils.” (Katie, Upper Sixth)