VC London were so impressed with Kate’s restoration of a motorbike, that they asked to exhibit it at a recent event they held at House of Vans in London.

VC London is a women’s organisation aimed at encouraging women to have a go at things normally regarded as men-only. Kate has also been interviewed and photographed for the online magazine, and we’re looking forward to seeing the article when it gets published.

The following text was displayed on an information board next to Kate’s bike.

Yamaha PW80 (80cc 2-stroke)

At just 13 Kate decided she wanted to build a bike and found two Yamaha PW80s in bits on Gumtree for £150. Not a bad price for a first project!

This is the first build of the two that she has finished. The engine for this bike arrived completely dismantled and came in an Aldi bag full of nuts and bolts and parts with the seller assuring her “it was all there”.

Kate spent four weeks of evenings after school and weekends in the garage rebuilding the bike with help from YouTube and the Internet. She finally got it running and tested it on the track down at Docklands Riders.

Kate plans on finishing the next PW80 and has already bought another one to work on. Well done Kate! We can’t wait to see what your next bike turns out like!