This year, Lily Piercy (Year 10) participated in several trial camps to receive a place at Surrey Hockey Academy. Lily tells us about her experience:

The first trial was three full days, and was particularly eventful because of the extreme temperatures (highs of 35°!) and the thunderstorm when lighting narrowly missed the pitch! We performed several drills and match play whilst being assessed by the County officials. I was thrilled to make it through that round alone!

The second round, held at Charterhouse in September, was daunting at first as we joined the other girls across the county who had also got through, but I quickly recognised others from my hockey club in Wimbledon. This time it was only match play and relaxed, and I really enjoyed the team play aspect.

Weeks went by after the trial camps and only just recently at half term, I received the news that I’d made the U16 Surrey squad. Hopefully Covid-19 won’t prevent us from training and playing as this has been a great experience and I want to see it through, so I’m excited to get started!