During these difficult and uncertain times it’s important we take care to maintain our sense of well-being. The school counsellors have recommended the following tips for everyone to follow – pupils, parents, staff and the wider community.

  • Take time to do something you enjoy
  • Some exercise and sunlight even for a short time each day is crucial for positive mental well-being
  • Spend time away from the screen and filter what you read
  • Say at least one positive thing to yourself each day
  • Maintain positive and healthy sleep habits
  • Maintain a sense of routine especially during this time
  • Be kind and be patient with yourself and with those around you
  • Identify your network of support especially at a time when things can feel isolating and uncertain.

There are three counsellors at Emanuel School. Alison works on Mondays, Tess on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and Liz works on Fridays.

All three counsellors are accessible for sessions via the Zoom platform during term time. To access support please contact counsellor@emanuel.org.uk

There are helpful apps such as ‘Clear Fear‘ and ‘Combined Minds’ which can be downloaded and used to support positive mental health in conjunction with other support. Clear Fear is an app developed for teenage mental health charity stem4 by Dr Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and uses the evidence-based treatment CBT to focus on learning to reduce the physical responses to threat by learning to breathe, relax and be mindful as well as changing thoughts and behaviours and releasing emotions.

Mind and Young Mind also have some helpful tips on how to maintain positive mental health especially during this time.

Tess Bhokanandh (Counsellor)