Due to Covid-19 the number of OEs visiting us is, naturally, very thin on the ground. However, thanks to technology and the medium of Zoom, Mark Anderson (OE1981-88) has been helping the careers department by conducting Year 11 interviews.

It was great to catch up with Mark who last visited the school a few years ago with his brother, fellow OE Larry, for our 1980s reunion. Mark has worked in career advisement and life coaching since completing a diploma in career guidance in 2001. In the past Mark had also connected with his former German teacher and Head of Careers Harry Jackson, and is delighted to be making a return to Emanuel, if only a ‘virtual’ one.

Looking back, Mark said that he wished that more career advice was available when he was a teenager, and this had a bearing on his eventual decision to follow this career path himself. Initially, beyond Emanuel, he undertook a degree in Food Technology before working in environmental health for some years.

Mark had fond memories of his time at Emanuel in which he played both rugby (becoming vice captain) and cricket for the school and toured Barbados when he was in the Sixth Form. He was a proud member of Clyde house (under Bill Purkis) and was house captain in his final year. Mark had fond memories of many of his teachers, including George Cannon and Paul Doran. Even after all these years he recalled Reverend Khambatta repeatedly rolling his wooden egg over the palm of his hand whilst teaching and had affection for the days when he was known as “Little Larry”, nicknamed after his elder brother of three years.

It was great to catch up Mark. Let’s hope the current pupils listen closely to your valuable advice and guidance!

Tony Jones (Senior Librarian and Archivist)