Tallulah Haddon (OE 2014) has appeared on our screens in the latest ‘Black Mirror’ feature on Netflix: ‘Bandersnatch’, which was released on 28th December.

‘Bandersnatch’ is the first feature-length ‘Black Mirror’ film, with over five hours of content, and viewers are able to interact and choose their own path through it. The episode is set in 1983, when a young computer programmer begins to question reality as he adapts a sprawling fantasy novel into a video game.

The Drama department, and everyone else at Emanuel, are all very proud of everything Tallulah has achieved since leaving Emanuel just a few years ago. She has already appeared in several successful TV shows, including ‘Taboo’, ‘Kiss Me First’ and ‘The Living and the Dead’.

Watch the trailer for ‘Bandersnatch’ here.