On Thursday 28th November, four of Emanuel’s best mathematicians, Joe Barton, Siddiq Islam, Billy Hughes and Jeanne Prieuret travelled to City of London School to take part in the UKMT’s Senior Team Maths Challenge Regional Finals. The questions, as you can see from the example below, are really rather challenging!

Anne, Becky and Charlotte had sums of money in the ratio 7:6:5. One of them gave £9 to one of the others and this changed the ratio (in the same order of names) to 6:5:4. The total sum of money remained the same; what was it?

In what can only be described as a truly remarkable team effort, these highly gifted students managed to score 168 out of 186. Emanuel finished in sixth place out of 42 schools, just one place behind Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Barnett, and five behind the winners, City of London Boys’ School. This caps off a truly momentous week in the mathematics department, which has seen Joe Barton, Siddiq Islam and Billy Hughes qualify for the Senior British Mathematical Olympiad. Joe, Luke Bligh and Fred Jimack have all been invited for interviews to read Mathematics, Engineering and the Natural Sciences respectively at Cambridge, whilst Ollie Olby, Siddiq Islam, Alex De Guise and Guy Kitchen are waiting to find out if their Oxbridge applications for mathematically-related degrees will be successful.

Mr Leadbetter (Teacher of Mathematics)