The annual prefects’ dinner took place at Numero Uno in the last week before half term. This event acts as a thank you to the prefects for their service to the school during the year.

The prefects are joined by the sixth form team and members of the senior management team for what is always a very convivial evening. After some excellent Italian food, towards the end of the evening, Mr Hand (Acting Head of Sixth Form, Head of Upper Sixth) gave a brief speech thanking all the prefects for their exceptional teamwork, before Head Boy Siddiq Islam responded in kind.

Mr Milne (Headmaster) concluded the evening with a very amusing speech, thanking the prefects and the top four in particular, to whom he gave individual gifts, to show his appreciation.

Thanks to Miss Fitzgerald for organising the event, to the members of senior staff who attended and to all the prefects for both their work during the year, and their excellent company on the evening itself.

Mr Hand (Acting Head of Sixth Form & Head of Upper Sixth)