The Year 6 primary school pupils have loved learning about Classics here at Emanuel School as part of the new Primary Ambitions programme.

Topics have included the Greek Gods, Hercules, myths such as Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa and the adventures of Odysseus. Our Lower Sixth students have produced some extraordinarily good visual materials and presentations such as the guides to the labours of Hercules (the Augean stables proved to be a particular favourite), Minotaur masks, quizzes and instructions on how to create your own god.

The primary school children have all participated with great enthusiasm and we have received some lovely feedback from their school teachers about the professionalism of our Sixth Form students. It will be difficult to pick out one individual primary school pupil as they have all embraced the activities created by their teachers. If you would like a closer look as some of the work that the pupils have created, come to D5 and be amazed by the Minotaur masks and the “Create your own god” posters.

Mr Barber (Head of Primary Partnerships)

'Create your own god'