The Politics module has begun with a bang because of the potent mix of our sixth formers’ enthusiasm and the impressive knowledge and interest our guest pupils bring with them.

The module aims to give the primary school pupils a basic understanding of rights, parties, political action and pressure groups through the medium of debate and presentation. The pupils have been particularly passionate about the environment and the impact of plastic pollution which has led to the creation of some impressive Bills of Rights protecting the natural world.

The module has focused heavily on presentation skills, with the Emanuel sixth formers working closely with groups of primary pupils to create their own party manifestos. They have also worked on ICT skills using laptops to research pressure groups’ success and methods, then using PowerPoint to create engaging displays on their chosen group. Our sixth formers have made some strong bonds with the visiting pupils and have learnt valid teaching and communication skills throughout the Primary Ambitions module. Rudi Goodman has stood out in particular with his confident teaching style, whilst Anna Varley has been an inspirational presence in the group work. Alex Celic and Henry Stretch have been also involved as our learners in creating presentations, whilst Luc Smith and Callum McDowell have created loyal followers due to their technical expertise.

Mr Nilsson (Head of Politics)

Shaftesbury Park Primary School were the first to create the Primary Ambitions Politics module