On Tuesday, Drama A level students visited the Duke of York’s Theatre in the West End, to enjoy a performance of ‘The Son’ by Florian Zeller.

This enthralling display of teen angst and depression broke the hearts of many in the audience, as we witnessed his relationships with his parents and step-mother and the turmoil within them. Not only was this incredibly melancholic play useful for us in terms of being able to consider the lives and hardships of others and the pain they face, it also gave us many useful resources for our upcoming exams and performances.

With this in mind, the acting ability on display from Laurie Kynaston and John Light was phenomenal, the endeavours and struggles of their respective characters enabling an immense emotional response from all who were with us, many students (especially in the upper sixth) finding themselves in floods of tears by the plays tragic end. Furthermore, the set and sound design was incredibly interesting and original adding to the drama that unravelled on stage.

Overall, this was a spectacular night out at the theatre which truly gave us all much to think about, not only in terms of drama and the arts, but in terms of ourselves and the people around us in day-to-day life.

Rudi Goodman (Lower Sixth)