Moving into the Sixth Form, we find ourselves stepping up to meet an increased level of responsibility and modelling behaviour to younger pupils.

In addition, it requires a development in our skill-set as we begin to think about applying to university and career choices. The Lower Sixth’s teambuilding day with Wilderness Expertise put emphasis on improving skills like leadership, communication and teamwork, which are key for presenting oneself as valuable to future employees.

All nine teams were given the roles of engineering companies, spending the day collecting parts to build rockets and culminating in a launch finale at the end of the day. Throughout the day every team completed various activities together, which encouraged a myriad of skills including teamwork, effective communication and identifying strengths and weaknesses of certain personality traits. The activities were interactive and enjoyable, whilst also highlighting the importance of a cohesive plan, execution, and review.

Overall, the day was successful in helping pupils build stronger relationships and improving our soft skills. We would like to thank Miss Fitzgerald, Mr House and the Wilderness Expertise for organising the day, despite the tough circumstances.

Luke Johnston (L6HHM)