Legacies have been crucial for the development of the school since its formation in 1594. Remembering Emanuel in your will allows donors to support the aims and vision of the school, ensuring it continues to offer an all-round education to a wide spectrum of students.

It really made sense to me to mention Emanuel School in my will. After all, without the support and encouragement of teachers at the school, none of the things I’ve achieved in my life would have been possible. By mentioning Emanuel in my will, I can help the school build up its endowment fund so that more pupils can be given a similar chance to explore their talents, which otherwise would be denied to them.

– Markus Jaigirder (OE and Chair of the Governors’ Finance and Building Committee)

Your bequest

If there is a particular aspect of the school that you are considering supporting through a legacy, however large or small, we would be delighted to discuss it with you.

If you are considering leaving a legacy, we recommend that you contact the development office so that we can ensure we both acknowledge and fulfil your wishes.

Please contact Jack Clark, Development Director, on development@emanuel.org.uk or 020 8875 6978 if you would like to discuss a legacy pledge.

Scholarship naming opportunities

A bequest of £450,000 would create sufficient income to award one full fees scholarship and/or bursary to an outstanding pupil every year in perpetuity. To mark such generosity, we would like to offer you the opportunity to name the award, either after yourself or someone dear to you. Alternatively a donation of £130,000 would be enough to pay for seven years’ education for a single pupil.

Types of bequest

There are several types of legacy that you may wish to leave to Emanuel School in your Will.

A residuary legacy: after providing for your family and loved ones, the remainder of your estate (or a portion thereof) is left to Emanuel.

A pecuniary legacy gives a specific amount of money to the school. You can index link the amount in order to protect it from inflation.

A reversionary bequest offers a way of providing for your family first, then benefiting the school at a later date. Your assets can be left to Trustees whom you appoint to see that your beneficiaries enjoy the income from your estate during their lifetime, then the whole, or part of, the estate passes to Emanuel after their deaths.

A conditional legacy: your estate would pass to the school in the eventuality that no named beneficiary survives you.

A specific bequest leaves items of value other than sums of money, such as stocks and shares, property or jewellery to Emanuel.

We will always honour legators’ wishes as long as it is practicable to do so, and we would recommend that you leave a letter of instruction outlining your wishes with your Will, so that your executors fully understand your intentions.

Your future intentions

If you intend to leave a legacy to Emanuel, or have already done so, it is very helpful for the school to know what you are planning as it is a great help with working out our mid-term plans. However, if you prefer not to be specific at this stage, please let us know that you have made or are considering making a legacy so that we can thank you promptly. This does not bind you with any obligation. The school will keep the information in confidence, and will enroll you as a member of the Benefactors’ Society, so that you can keep in touch with developments at school.

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