Congratulations to Edward, Kate and Siddiq in the Upper Sixth who will be joining the Web Development, Machine Learning, Product Development and Solution Architect Teams at global marketing and digital services firm GIMO in the coming months. 

Here is what they have to say about the process of applying for and gaining the opportunity for experience at this prestigious company.


“I first heard about the internships available at Emanuel from Miss Malik’s assembly and decided that I wanted to give it a shot. I applied to two of the companies offering internships, and to multiple departments within these companies. This meant I had to write a lot of cover letters for each of my applications which was quite stressful, but I was also excited to have such a great opportunity available. I believe that any exposure to what is available out there may help me decide what avenues that I want to pursue, as currently I am not sure what pathway to go down in the future.

It was a great experience as I had to compile multiple cover letters and a CV and I spent time researching what to include in both of these to maximise my chances of getting an internal interview. I have been using these skills that I learnt from this over the last few weeks during lockdown when applying for jobs beyond Emanuel. I found the internship process at Emanuel a great way to ease myself into and become familiar with the job application process, which seemed daunting at first but now seems like second nature.

All in all, it is such a great way to utilise the Emanuel network and provide useful experience to any Upper Sixth student thinking about various careers after university. For me, I think it will boost my confidence being able to get involved in an opportunity which could open my eyes to a potential career path afterwards.”


“At first, I did find the process a bit challenging as it was my first time writing a cover letter. However, once I completed it and had my first interview, I felt more comfortable with the process. I thought the questions were thorough and relevant. When it came to the final interview, I thought it would be challenging, but I was surprised that I found it somewhat easy. I think I had overprepared myself for the interview!  Overall, I found the process fair as well as challenging.”

I am sure Edward, Kate and Siddiq will enjoy as well as benefit from the experience immensely.  I would like to thank everyone at GIMO for their work in the success of the programme, especially under such challenging circumstances.

Huma Malik (Head of Careers)