“How can we support decision makers and young people to work together to reduce the human impact on the environment?”

The event was run by Wandsworth Youth Commission and addressed the question above. We started the day with all the schools taking part presenting their ideas and what their schools are doing to create a more eco-friendly environment. Our idea was to create a website where children could vote on topical points and share their opinions on climate change and things going on in the news. Also, they could trade ideas and hopefully create new ideas together.

Soon after, we started the morning activities. These included things like learning about food waste and how to prevent it, and how we can re-use clothes we don’t want anymore.

After lunch, each school picked one of climate change’s biggest barriers, e.g. politics, people, food waste and education. They then came up with a way to solve it and presented it to a group of adults who took on the role of ‘dragons’, taking the idea from the TV show ‘Dragons Den’.

After this, the dragons decided which school’s idea was the best, and they were declared the winners. Sadly Emanuel didn’t win!

I really liked this opportunity for all the schools in Wandsworth to be able to meet up and talk about what we had to do to tackle climate change. I was excited to be among young people who are all trying to find positive ways to help the environment.

Olivia Ivey (Year 7)