What better way was there for some of our Year 7s to end the half term than by getting stuck in with some home experiments to undo the scrupulous tidying which has left gardens and houses looking pristine?

We watched Charlotte Ennis giving a Zoom demonstration of making a vinegar volcano, while Flora Rogers and Rosie Atcheson constructed “snow” sculptures and even added an element of extra creativity by transforming the colour of the “snow”. George Rolfe impressed us with his “lava lamp” from vegetable oil, food colouring and a fizzing tablet, and Jed Martin made
brightly coloured play dough, probably to begin a revival of the children’s classic stop motion animation, ‘Morph’.

The pupils were encouraged to take a scientific approach to their experiments, designing a poster to outline their method, equipment and hazards, and explain what they made or found out.

Many of these experiments can be found online with a quick Google search and offer some fun home school entertainment. Even if they do make a bit of mess, they are well worth it for the learning and humour that came with the process and I would certainly encourage you to give them a go!

Mr Buxton (Teacher of Science)