This half term, Year 8 pupils are taking part in weekly challenges. Last week, pupils were encouraged to get out of the house, take in some fresh air and take some time to look around them and capture the moment on camera.

I was so impressed to see such a high standard of entries. Ms Windsor and I had a tough time deciding our top four, but unfortunately I cannot choose everyone as a winner. The winner of our first weekly challenge is Thomas D, who photographed a very tranquil bird whilst out walking in Richmond Park. The close runners up are Chester, Fergus and Isaac. Their photographs captured light, timing and caring companionship. All of the challenge entries can be seen here.

The next weekly challenge is the ‘Blaikie Cakey Bake Off’. I look forward to seeing some creative bakes and artistic decorating skills!

Miss H Blaikie (Head of Year 8)

Thomas D, WINNER



Chester, RUNNER UP