In the Easter holidays, 56 Year 8 pupils and four very willing teachers went on a skiing trip to Les Arcs 1600 in the French alps near the border of Italy.

With the sun shining brightly and plenty of snow underfoot the trip was a huge success. We all improved hugely: those who had been skiing for years, and others who were trying it for the first time. However, as always there were some fails that involved skiing and some that didn’t. Examples of this were Alex Rumfitt falling into a hole while skiing, Freddie Colburn skiing straight into a pole and Lily O’Grady skiing off the side of a piste (don’t worry, she’s fine!). After each day of skiing we were taken for an excellent activity such as a disco, bowling and even sledging and were awarded prizes for our efforts and mishaps throughout the day. Although this would leave us exhausted the morning after (which the teachers probably engineered intentionally), we had so much fun we didn’t mind. One of the activities was a big snowball fight, where we all ganged up on Mr House who sheepishly retreated back to safety in the centre (after getting some pretty good shots in himself). This was the only time in the school year where you can snowball a teacher without getting in huge trouble. It was amazing!

It wasn’t just the weather that was nice. The instructors were very kind and extremely helpful with our skiing progress and the food was plentiful.

Finally, a special thanks to Mr House, Miss Fitzgibbon, Miss Patel and Miss Johl for taking such good care of us and ensuring everyone had a brilliant time.

David Pilling (8MLR)

Teamwork in the tunnel!