During October half term, 28 pupils from Years 7 and 8 went on a watersports trip to Poole Harbour.

While it was a little chilly at times, everyone got involved with huge enthusiasm and positive mental attitude. Find out more from some of the participants below.

The Rockley water activity trip was an incredible experience. We had the chance to try pico sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and some of us were even able to try a catamaran! The instructors were friendly and the weather wasn’t too awful although it was a little chilly at times but what could you expect in the middle of October? My favourite activity had to be the kayaking, paddle boarding or sailing – there was so much to choose from it is too difficult to pick! In the evening we had many activities. A favourite of mine had to be the Rockley Talent Show! I recommend this trip completely as it was a fun time to spend with my friends and a real experience!

Fleur (8AFK)

Rockley was fun.  It was a chance to spend time with my peers outside of school and also with people in other years. We got to do lots of great watersports to see what we liked (although I would rather do it in the summer instead of October). We did pico sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and crabbing. We woke up for breakfast at 8am, then went down to the water and into our wetsuits for 9.30. Each activity was a two hour session and all of them were fun, even though it was cold. In the evenings, after dinner, we did evening activities before lights out at 10pm. We slept in groups of six on bunk beds and had plenty of free time to socialise.

Ellie (8AFK)

The sailing trip was fun but cold! I really enjoyed our dorm and our activities and would like more of my friends to come and enjoy it with me.

Daniela (8AFK)

I enjoyed Rockley watersports very much! We did kayaking, two person canoeing, pico sailing, paddle boarding and more. The food was good and the mattresses were comfy. At 8pm every night we’d go down to a marquee down by the beach where we did talent shows, quizzes and games.

Will (8AFK)