On Tuesday 25th February, Year 9 Latin and Classics students went on an exciting trip to the Roman town of Bath.

At the world-famous Roman Baths, we saw various rooms and artefacts such as the hot room, the Great Bath (with its hot, green, steamy waters), the cold plunge pool, statues of famous Romans, the Gorgon’s Head (as featured on the cover of the hallowed Cambridge Latin Course Book 3) and the golden bust of Sulis Minerva. It was all tremendously thrilling and at the end (prior to an expensive visit to the excellent shop), we even tried the water from the natural hot spring. The Romans believed this had medicinal qualities

After this, we left for the Abbey next door where Mr Adams had arranged a pre-booked visit, followed by a tour of Bath by Mr Adams who used to live there. We saw Bath rugby ground, the beautiful River Avon running under picturesque Pulteney Bridge, the Circus and the Royal Crescent.

We also were given free time from our teachers (who are the best!) to visit the shops.

After our lovely tour and look round the shops, we took a short trip back on the coach to London. I would like to thank the amazing teachers who went on the trip: Mr Adams, Mr Ford, Mr Morrison and Dr Parsons.

Millie Tier (Year 9)

The 'hallowed' Cambridge Latin Course Book 3!