Emanuel School strides almost 100 places to enter the top 100 for combined GCSE and A level outcomes in The Sunday Times Parent Power tables for 2019.

The recent crop of leavers and current lower sixth students ought to be delighted with themselves; their hard work and aspiration has paid off, with significant lifts at A* grades for GCSE and A levels this summer. The Sunday Times Parent Power league tables, published on 24th November 2019, illustrate the school’s movement from 189th to 99th this year across all schools. As a fully co-educational school, Emanuel now also sits inside the top 50 schools for girls and boys.

The headmaster, Mr Robert Milne, said, “Every Emanuel pupil ought to be delighted with these outcomes. Not only do they represent hours of personal dedication and quiet individual resolve, they are also an emblem for the school’s development and a symbol of possible future achievement for younger girls and boys in the school. I also wish to recognise every teacher, form tutor, parent and governor who has played a part in supporting our school in recent years, helping it sustain its great sense of warmth and friendliness, as well as love of the sports, music and the arts.”