Despite the recent national lockdown restrictions, pupils from all year groups have been attending the Maths extension classes in their masses (socially distanced of course!).

This week, with Mr Lai, Farhan has been delving into the history and derivation of Isaac Newton’s famous theory of calculus (pictured above). It is important to note that Farhan is only in Year 7. Meanwhile Lucy (Year 11) was investigating the complex roots of unity (a topic not usually studied until university level) with Mr Bishop.

We also have a record number of Year 11 students sitting the Further Maths GCSE this year and we were able to enter a large cohort of students into the Senior Maths Challenge competition remotely, where we anxiously await the results.

Things may be locking down throughout the country but Maths at Emanuel continues to thrive and we are excited to see what the future holds!

Mr Bishop (Head of Maths)

Lucy (Year 11) investigates the complex roots of unity.