Last weekend, Emanuel School and St George’s Weybridge got creative and competitive in a race from afar.

Over 150 rowers and supporters of Emanuel School Boat Club ran or walked as far as they could in 21 minutes. The Emanuel team racked up over 500km (more than 300 miles) in total, nearly doubling St George’s efforts. Overall, Emanuel pupils won by racking up 285.2km to St Georges’ 206.4km.

A fantastic achievement by all involved in this fun competition. Well done to the following participants who will receive prizes in the post shortly!

First Places

  • Flora Rogers (4.23km), Year 8
  • Gabriel Haque-Bousquet (2.5km), Year 8
  • Miles Carpenter (4.51km), Year 9
  • Freya Bennett (4.32km), Year 10
  • Sam Williams (5.20km), Year 10
  • Millie Tier (4.5km), Year 10
  • Teddy Kinsler (5km), Lower Sixth
  • Tate Jackson (5.43km), Upper Sixth
  • Ben Clarke (5.43km), Upper Sixth
  • Frederick Jimack (5.2km), alumni
  • Ali Elliott (3.51km), coach
  • Maks Orzel (4.98km), coach
  • Oliver Pearson (5.32km), parent
  • Janet Kelly (4.21km), parent

Second Places

  • Pippa Harkin (4.3km), Year 10
  • Isaac Thurnham (5.16km), Year 11
  • Jackson Dangour (5.3km), Lower Sixth
  • Lauren McAuliffe (4.75km), Upper Sixth

Third Places

  • Sophie Howells (3.72km), Year 9
  • Dorothy Pretzlik (4.21km), Year 11
  • Harper Dammann Smith (5.26km), Lower Sixth
  • Maddy Kitchen (4.5km), Upper Sixth

Mr Liversage (Director of Rowing)