In January we launched, 43 for the BRT, a campaign aimed at enabling two more children to come to Emanuel on a full means-tested place.

Participants were asked to raise funds by doing 43 of any activity, and we were impressed by the amazing ingenuity as well as commitment from our pupils, parents, teachers and alumni. We want to thank everyone who has got involved over the last three months. Fundraisers have taken part by running, dancing, drawing portraits, doing press-ups, braving ice swims and so much more. Please visit our JustGiving page to donate or you can see some of the highlights of the fundraising activities here.

As a culmination of the campaign and as a way of giving every pupil the chance to take part in an essential element of the school’s vision we are holding a special ‘home clothes’ day on Friday 19th March. On this day, pupils will be encouraged to wear their own clothes in return for a charitable donation of £4.00 which will be added to their school bill. This donation will all go towards funding Transformative Free Places and you can find out more here.

Jack Clark (Development Director)