Lottie Dick (OE2013-17) and Katherine Keddie (OE2009-17) have launched a film company, ‘People’s Story’, which makes short ethical films. 

People’s Story is an online-first mini-documentary team formed of graduates and students from a range of the UK’s leading universities. Founded in 2019, the company’s mission is to educate, explore and facilitate inspiring conversations on important issues in a creative manner. The team believes that media collectives such as People’s Story have a responsibility to educate, engage and empower through high-quality, honest and uncensored storytelling.

The company is a female-led, ethical documentary production group. They look forward to the production of their first short film this year, which will touch on corporate reality and and the work life balance of those who live a seemingly dichotomous existence.

People’s Story is currently seeking sponsorship for its next production cycle, which will include both a series of mini documentaries tailored to social media and a short film. If you wish to get in touch, please email managingdirectors@peoplesstory.co.uk.

Watch ‘Ethical Consumerism and Meat’, one of their most popular mini documentaries, and their epilogue – the closing video of the series.

Get in touch with People's Story at managingdirectors@peoplesstory.co.uk