Thank you very much to all the pupils who entered the Creative Response section of the TSBA Six Book Challenge.

There were some amazing entries and it was incredibly difficult to judge. Five staff were involved in the judging (and argued a lot) before deciding upon these as our winners:

1st prize (represents Emanuel School in the multi-school TSBA competition)

Atitiya (8HEB) for her amazing interactive painting of ‘The Lie Tree’

Runner-up (represents Emanuel School in the multi-school TSBA competition)

Thomas (7RDC) for his imaginative re-creation of a skin-book from ‘Ink’

Hill form prize

Esme (6CAL) for her striking 3D model of ‘The Lie Tree’

Year 7 winner

Jonathan (7SFP) for his highly original wire version of ‘The Lie Tree’

Year 7 runner-up

Alex (7KSA) for his model of a German bomb-site, inspired by ‘Auslander’ (pictured at the top of the page)

Year 8 winners (the quality of entries from year 8 was superb, so we are awarding four prizes):

  • Meg (8HEB) for her authentically-scary board game inspired by ‘Auslander’ (below, left)

  • Ice (8CY) for her funkadelic music dub and thought-provoking lyrics, inspired by ‘I Am Thunder’

  • Piper (8MLR) for her clever mirror inspired by ‘Ink’ (below, right)

  • Sam (8HEB) for his thoughtful and skilfully-written ‘what happened next’ continuation of the ‘Auslander’ story


The feedback on the six books has been overwhelmingly positive and when the TSBA Six Book Challenge returns next year we will have a different theme, but more great books are guaranteed.

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian)

1st prize (representing Emanuel in the TSBA competition): Atitiya (8HEB) and her interactive painting of 'The Lie Tree'