Our Year 7 Chess Club returned with a bang after the half-term break, with numbers gradually increasing.

In our latest meeting we had six matches being played simultaneously and it was nice to have three pupils attend for the first time. An impressive number of the group (Thomas, Joshua, Devin, Macsen, Rory, Dougie, Elsa, Summer and Amy) have attended every meeting and are committed to improving the standard of their game.

Interestingly, some pupils enjoy playing the same opponent every week, with both ‘Thomas Vs Jawanda’ and ‘Macsen Vs Devin’ being repeat fixtures, whilst others prefer to challenge different opponents. Chess standards will always vary and it is heartening to see the more experienced pupils helping the beginners out with hints and tips whilst others set themselves the cool target of ‘I want to be able to beat my Dad by Christmas!

This is a busy term for Lower School chess as there are two other house competitions for Year 7 and Year 8, which will be played as two league competitions over three sessions.

Mr Jones (Senior Librarian & Archivist)

Yun vs Elsa. Main image: Thomas vs Jawanda.