On the 23rd November, sixty Year 9 Latin and Classical Civilisation students visited Bath for a tour of the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and the surrounding area. This visit looked ahead to their reading of Book 3 of the Cambridge Latin Course, the start of which is set in Aquae Sulis.

This is only half of the overall Year 9 cohort – the rest are preparing for a separate festive-themed trip at the beginning of December.

Below, Kit (Year 9) discusses the day:

Going to the Roman Baths was such fun. Reading and learning about the baths was insightful, but being able to see the many rooms in person was amazing. We saw various rooms, such as the beautiful plunge pools, the frigidarium (cold room), the tepidarium (warm room), the caldarium (hot room), and of course the Great Baths, with its hot, steamy waters.

After this, our lovely teachers gave us some free time to look around the amazing city of Bath and browse in some of the shops! It was beautiful. The city was full of magnificent buildings and structures that were very interesting and different from London.

We were also given a tour of Bath by Mr Adams. We saw everything from the Abbey (which was next door to the Baths) to Bath rugby ground to the River Avon. It was a visit none of the students will ever forget.

After our tour, we got on the coach for a quiet trip back to Emanuel. Without the help from the amazing, inspirational teachers, this trip would not have been possible, so a huge thank you to all the teachers who went on the trip: Mr Adams, Miss Williams, Ms Hoult and Miss Ferstman.

Kit (Year 9)