Congratulations to the Emanuel Young Enterprise team ‘Lucent’, who have just been awarded a place in the Central London finals.

Lucent are a group of Lower Sixth students who have been working very hard all year, setting up their own business, raising their own finance and developing a range of high quality products such as candles and wax wraps.

Recent events with the school closure and social distancing have obviously made the trading and production side of things very challenging in the last few weeks. However, the team were able to still submit their report and presentation digitally and were judged to be one of the best companies in the area.

This is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of Billy Hughes and his team who have met and overcome many challenges along the way. The next round will be on 24th April.

Other members of the team include Anna Varley, Ben Tamlyn, Matthew Bithell, Violet Trevelyan-Clarke, Nicholas Mara, Hector Ellis, Lucy Ayers, Rowan Ford-Robertson and Tate Jackson.

Mr Tong (Head of Business & Economics)